Aaaand it's simple as that! The third outfit, also from Topshop, is something for me haha! Isegi kõik kingitused on juba planeeritud, seega saan rahulikult ülejäänud detsmebri hingata haha!

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Look 3: Topshop Look 4: Boohoo Here it is as promised, my last minute guide for all of you who don't know what to wear to Christmas festivities. I used some of my best known webshops that have the stuff I had in mind and used them to make an outfit collage.

As I've said, someone very fond of sparkly glitz and sequin comes out of me every November that throws her minimalism out of the window and starts loving everything extra and glam for 2 months. I tried very hard to stay away from sequin and sparkle when putting together the Christmas quide note: I triedbut the webshops are filled with so many beautiful things I couldn't stay away! I decided to put together different versions so hopefully everyone could find some ideas or inspiration out of the post.

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First one from Topshop is levi slimming slim scenic all black outfit that has the focus on the long midi skirt with a slit that is perfect for wintertime and to avoid it becoming too black, I added some sparkly ankle boots that are now in stores basically everywhere you go. I think the best top that goes with this outfit is the wide sleeve one.

The second one I put together from River Island, oe of the top places to go to for party outfits this year!

FIrst I saw these leather net boots and just had to style them with something.

levi slimming slim scenic

I thought pointy toe shoes look the best with wide leg sparkly pants and a fun white top. It's a super eye-catching outfit that will probably make you the most stylish guest out of all dinner goers for sure! The third outfit, also from Topshop, is something for me haha!

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Super-extra sequin boots styled with minimal levi slimming slim scenic and simple cut black dress with long sleeves. I'm actually wearing the exact same looking dress, but from Dry Lake brand instead. I won't add as sparkly shoes to it, but I think if I would have these boots in my closet, I would definitely style them the exact way. I'm definitely wearing over knee boots to that dress though! The fourth and the last outfit is the one I actually have on my mind evry year when thinking of CHristmas parties, but I somehow end up going for something else anyway every year.

NExt year I'm just gonna go with that picture in my head - red long sleeve velvet dress and over knee boots with a little shine or sparkle.

levi slimming slim scenic

It's important to let the dress shine so I would choose simple black over knees to it. Oh now I remember Explains a lot These are my little suggestions if you happen to have any of these pieces the stores nearby or something similar in your closet already!

levi slimming slim scenic

Hope these small tips were useful and gave some good ideas for the party season! I'll make sure to have a new guide up for New Year's though!

levi slimming slim scenic

The ground looks like the one on photos every morning now and when I wear my heeled boots to work I feel like I'm in a skating ring and walk like a little chicken haha, I just can't help being the clumsiest with a little bit of frosty outside!

Timberland boots are probably the only boots that can keep me on ground with my feet and keep me from break dancing when trying to avoid a fall.

levi slimming slim scenic

I already have had the classical 6 inch yellow boot for a few years and loved to wear them every winter obviously, but I kind of felt like having some more colours since I wear them too much and decided to get a pair of grey ones too. They are as comfy, warm and pretty as the yellow ones, but these are waterproof so I can actually get them as wet as I want to now yay and not worry about snow damaging them too much.

The light grey shade is perfect for wearing with everything, but I love to wear these with my ICANIWILL jeggings as they have the ideal colour match monochrome is always a winner and well they make that butt of your look hella good!

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Active wear perfection huh? As I re-found my love for Timberland's again once snow came down, then I'm thinking what colour my next pair should be.

Карты были только что розданы - недавно все поменялись местами, и к Николь с Синим Доктором присоединился октопаук Молочный вместе с партнершей, приятного вида женщиной средних лет по имени Маргарет. - Маргарет Янг, я удивлена вашим присутствием здесь, - проговорила Эмили Бронсон. - Разве вы не _слышали_, что Совет продлил бойкот на сегодняшний вечер. Двое мужчин, вошедших в комнату вместе с миссис Бронсон, одним из которых был Гарланд, герой инцидента в бассейне, последовали за ней к столу Николь. Все трое стали возле Маргарет.

Bright red? Let me know what colour is your favourite Timberland colour in the comments! Maapind näeb selline nagu piltidel välja iga hommik nüüd ja igakord kui levi slimming slim scenic oma kontsasaapaid tööle on tunne eht kaalulangus uisutaks jääväljakul ja kõnnin nagu tibu haha, sest ma ei saa lihtsalt oma jalgu maapeal hoitud kui väljas asi pakaseks kisub!

levi slimming slim scenic

Timberland'i saapad on ilmselt ainukesed saapad, mis hoiavad mu maa küljes kinni ja hoiavad ära selle koleda breiktantsu, mida ma teen, et kukkumist vältida. Mul on aastaid olnud juba klassikalised 6 inch kollased saapad, aga tundsin et tahaks mingit värvi veel juurde valikusse, kuna kannan neid juba liiga palju. Otsustasin seega uute hallide kasuks.