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Vaatamata edastatud infole, kaubal puuduvad igasugused ennetavad, diagnostilised, terapeutilised, rehabilitatsioonilised omadused; toode ei ole ravim, ei sobi kasutamiseks meditsiinilisel eesmärgil ning ei ole meditsiinitoode.

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Men hot training vest tops made of neoprene material is great for weight loss,it will help you to sweat more by heating up your core abdominal area during excercise,which allows you to eliminate toxins and expel extra water weight. Here's how it works by workout, with the compression and thermal activity this sauna suit underwear bring to you ,trainer shirt will ramp up perspiration and burn excess calories,reduce tummy fat for improved health and body image.

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Sports shapewear can be worn under jacket or dress clothes. Weight loss tank top with continuous compression will reduce recovery times.

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This plus size gym vest provides stretch construction to help enhance ab muscle mobility by work out like a exercise sleeveless girdle or cincher. With slimming running waist trimmer ,it helps to tighten stomach and firm your abdomenl, provided comfortable support to your back without restricting or hindering movement.

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