Griffon saddle: a fusion between two incompatible elements. Sometimes myths do become reality.

Planet Bike's Anatomic Relief design is enhanced with Lift technology.

The cambered cushion design reduces pressure on your sit bones. The ergonomic form is supported with gel and foam padding and dampening inserts to maximize comfort, soften road vibrations, and decrease pressure on soft tissue areas.

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The Lift handle gives you a great hand hold to more easily pick up and move your bike. The ARS Lift bicycle saddles are designed for recreational, leisure, and E-Bike cyclists looking for a wider platform and extra cushion and shock absorption.

There is no reason to be uncomfortable on your bike!

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As a result, we designed the A. Especially convenient for heavier e-bikes. It features an anatomic shape that fits great, a recessed center that eliminates pressure on sensitive areas, Planet Bike's SuperSoft padding for plenty of cush and a durable, abrasion-resistant top.

Planet Bike Little A. The Little A. They come in three sizes to fit 12"" wheeled bikes and they're scrappy enough to hold up to youthful exuberance.

A fresh take on our Breakaway saddle, the PL 1. It features bold new graphics, and all of the comfort you expect from ISM. All of the PL saddles are a full mm long, and allow for superb fore-aft rider movement.

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The rear measures mm wide — adding support for those that like to roll their hips back while climbing. Like the other PL models, it features a full mm length, and generous mm rear section — perfect for riders who rotate back while climbing.

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Compared to the PL 1. It has series padding, making it a great choice for riding in thin triathlon-style shorts, or for anyone who simply wants a softer ride.

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Similar to the other PN saddles, the PN 1. This allows for more rider body movement around the seat, and is great for diving into fast corners. Key features: - Narrow design for maximum thigh clearance - Enables total freedom-of-movement for the rider - Same shape as the PN 1.

Starting from our Performance Narrow chassis, we used feedback from our professional athletes to make the next evolution in saddle design. With a slightly wider mm rear end and an updated shape, the PN 3.

Starting from our PN 3. With a mm rear end and and tapered edges, the PN 3. Similar to the other PN saddles, the PN 3.

PR stands for Performance Recreation, as this seat is as comfortable on a hybrid bike as it is a full-blown race machine. Our PR saddles feature more padding than the other ISM performance saddles, making them perfect for cyclists that want a softer ride — whether you ride in padded cycling shorts, or regular everyday clothing.

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It features the same series padding and sloped front arms, but with new sleek graphics. Keha salendav masin.

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