The current report describes the anatomopathological and molecular findings of a case of MD in a white-peafowl Pavo cristatus. Samples of blood 43 , solid tumors 14 , and feather pulp FP; 36 collected fresh and in FTA cards were analyzed. The results show that FTA cards are an excellent media to collect, transport, and archive samples for MD diagnosis and to monitor MD vaccines. Microscopically, numerous atypical round neoplastic cells were noted. The signs included apathy, hyporexia, and diarrhea.

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Grin, E. We defined it as an estuarine delta. The location and the importance of this estuarine delta is supported by the theoretical model of graded profile constructed for Ma'adim Vallis, and by two approaches: i the reconstruction of Ma'adim Vallis downstream course from Gusev to Elysium Basin, and ii the survey of the sediment deposit in the alleged estuary.

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The longitudinal graded profile of Ma'adim Vallis finds its base-level in the Elysium Basin, at a about m elevation, which is in agreement with the observed Basin shoreline. This model is supported by observational evidence of flow between the northern rim of Gusev crater, and the Elysium Basin shoreline.

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This downstream course of Ma'adim Vallis can be divided into three hydrogeologic regions. Morphologic indicators of the flood process are: 1 the sediment deposit over the Gusev crater northern rim that reflects the overspilling of the crater-lake water through a km wide gap provided by an ancient impact crater, 2 the tear-drop shaped feature on the northeastern flank of Apollinaris Patera, and 3 the chaotic terrain that suggest the emergence of ground water generated by the seepage of the crater lake through high-permeable broken rampart material.

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This underground water circulation sustained by the hydrostatic pressure of the crater-lake has likely generated a hydrothermal system in the volcanic environment of Apollinaris Patera.

Image: Gérard Bertin Hired the year CERN was founded,when the construction of the Laboratory had not even begun, Schu first worked at the Villa de Cointrin a historic building now within the grounds of Geneva airport as a secretary.

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She was head of the team that edited the proceedings of the