Jõuate VT1-ni, kui treeningu ajal rääkimine pole enam mugav. Every modern fitness center should have the Motorless Treadmill Air-Run.

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30 min Full Body Fat Burn HIIT - Abs, Arms, Thighs \u0026 Legs! (Standing Exercises Only, No Mat Needed)

Sisestage pildil nähtav kontrollkood: Edasi The Motorless Treadmill inSPORTline Air-Run is an innovative motorless treadmill with a running belt that fat burn nupp jooksulint put into motion by the action of the user, helping the muscles grow faster.

Designed down to the last detail, this treadmill is as effective as possible.

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You can choose from 7 different programs which are divided into two main categories: interval programs and target programs. The water bottle holder, transportation wheels and uneven floor adjustment system are a must. Revolutionary Running Belt The extra-large x 48cm running belt does not consist of a one-piece belt, but rather of separate profiled plates which create an unusual, but highly natural running area.

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Moreover, the running belt is covered with high-quality rubber, protecting your joints and allowing you to train longer. Easy to Use This treadmill is extremely easy to use anyone can do it. Apart from the running programs, you can also adjust the resistance 4 different resistance levels to make your training even more intense.

Lisainfo Kirjeldus The Motorless Treadmill Air-Run is an innovative motorless treadmill with a running belt that is put into motion by the action of the user, helping the muscles grow faster.

All you have to do to smoothly change the resistance level is pull a lever. Exercise the Entire Body The specially shaped handles take your training to another level.

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You can hold them with your hands or push your arms against them. Interval Training Preset interval programs, which allow you to start your workout with a push of a button, are one of the main features of the Air-Run treadmill.

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The programs are aimed at high-intensity interval training H. Interval training alternates short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, helping you burn fat.

If you are not satisfied with the length of the preset programs, you can setup and run your own.

Jooksuraja kaalulangetamise kava alustamisel on oluline teada oma südame löögisagedust, et saavutada oma südame- ja rasva kaotamise eesmärgid. Jooksuraja rasvapõletustreening hoiab teie südame löögisagedust madalamates vahemikes ja hõlmab madala intensiivsusega püsiseisundiga treeningut, samal ajal kui kardiotsoon on suurema intensiivsusega treening. Näpunäide Kardiotreening jooksulindil on suurema intensiivsusega ja aitab saavutada metaboolset konditsioneerimist. Rasvapõletus on madalama intensiivsusega treening, mis põletab peamiselt rasva.