Only hard currency here is knowledge, so back to reading and drinking from Eternal Well of Knowledge : Universe God bless and keep safe! The time master Sun lived 6th century BC was a time for an endless fight between little kingdoms within Chinese territory. Few days ago I watched German documentary about the things advertised as green which really are not.

Will put down few words daily as promised for more than a year now : Took a pen today because delaying seemed a bad option.

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There are so many thoughts in the head that it's hard to decide where is a start of them, so the easy fat burn cutter is to write them down as they come. Today is a lot like a day in London, the air is full of humidity, mist is so thick that the sky seems only 50 meters high and you can feel the water in your bones.

We don't have internet here and our access to books is limited, so if mistaken in any facts, dates or writing some word in a wrong way, you will just have to forgive me : To be honest- just getting things off head and you are really reading this it's even better you can tell when it starts to look too crazy Have to be grateful to the Estonian Republic for closing me here-this time has been a wondeful opportunity to read, study, train and revalue many things.

I know it sounds strange to you but believe me it is so : Also a laundry room and a small space between two doors which lead out of the section for public phone from where calls to you happen aswell.

Welcome to Scribd!

Those four hours we train, make our phonecalls, measure endlessly the lenght of the 42 steps coridore. Two weeks in month the dayroom contains a pingpong table-remembered my teenaga years and learned to play again: Inside the cell 10m2 there is a table with two chairs, they are all mounted to the floor, so writing is happening on the upper bed.

kaalulangus pcos ja viljakus lahendused kaalulangus olympia wa

Just looked now how bent the lines are and laughed a mouthful : but you will understand anyway. Been doing yoga and weightlifting martial arts are forbidden yoga has given more than thought to be possible and opened a whole new world. We are what we think we are thats a truth which seems soomine oiged toidud poletada rasva cliche on a first look, but if you dig into it you have to admit that it is literally so.

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Right, that's enough for the first day of writing. You can laugh my friend but the feeling right now is content- did keep the promise and put those first words on paper. Was an ordinary day. Lifted some weights in the morning Shoulder20 minutes of bicycle before that to warm up.

kaalulangus varisemine fentermiini parim kaalulanguse ahela koolitus

Visited our doctor, she's a good one especially considering the circumstances: Spoke to a friend and a loved woman, so in good mood and harmony. The word "harmony" rings a bell or two in my head : Everybody needs harmony-in fact all mankind needs it desperately. If humanity will not find harmony with our home earth and all the rest of it's inhabitants, then in a few hundered years the planet will look a lot like Mars now. The pereiod of time might be a lot shorter too. A wise man once said that everybody should have a good life and best put it on paper and start makeing a plan how to do it.

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Have given fat burn cutter lot of thought to that here. The main goal in life is to turn humanity into harmony with itself, Earth and Universe himself herself What do you say to that or how you do it?

L-karnitiin, BCAA või kofeiin – milline neist valida?

Have read a ton of literature on religion, astronomy, economy, history, fat burn cutter and etc. One of the main conclusions is, that the gratest power humanity ever possessed is human brain and it's thoughts. Brain has 3in1 -generateing organizing and destructing powers all together in one vessel. On how we use these powers depends the fate of us and Earth.

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That is how you do it! Enough for today, good night and God Bless!

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On 4 hours opened is divided to 3 parts: 8. Today in the morning 20 minutes of bicycle, some pullups and a kundalini yoga serie of excercises to calm fat burn cutter mind.

Fat burn cutter a good friend of mine come to see me, to short time hours visits through a bullet proof glass and talking through the phone while looking at each other through the glass: are allowed. Every time somebody comes the head is later full of images of what the visitor said and described : The room where sitting during the visit is small like a phone booth and badly ventilated, so after two hours my astmatic lungs they diagnosed me with astma this summer start to abject strongly.

Still the pleasure and happiness out of seeing and hearing a true friend overwhelms a lack of oxygen : The books you sent me are good! Thanks again.

kuidas poletada rasva hullu kiiresti hoidke keha rasva poletusreziimis

Faith is important, in fact faith is one of the most inportant things in life. If you truly believe in somethinghave real faith in it, you can be sure, one day it becomes true.

kaalulangus parast poole maratoni koolitust suur lihase rasvapoletaja

More to itif you focuse your mind from and when exactly things wished must come true then the only thing left to do is to put all willpower behind that focuse and here it comes!

All the best and God bless!